07 December 2010

MemoryWorks Retreat 2011

Today I will highlight the awesome crops they have at the retreat! It is so fun to socialize during this time and get projects done.  Hang out with your new friends and enjoy the moments of getting things done with little interruption.
At the 2011 retreat there will be THREE crops
1. Pajamma Crop
2. Chocolate Crop
3. Retreat Farewell Crop
  • Chocolate Crop - yummo!!  Seriously chocolate fountains with so much delicious fruit, bread & pretzels around it.  I don't know if I eat more at this crop or scrapbook!  It's mouth watering.  But yes we do get scrapbooking done!  
  • Class Projects - The crops are great for getting your projects completed if you were not able to finish them during class time. There are attendees around to help you complete the projects, plus your project instruction guide is at your fingertips!  You can leave the retreat with all your amazing projects completed!!
  • Catch up - do you have a project or layout you are working on and just haven't had TIME to complete it all?  This is a perfect time to do it.  Words from me: Don't bring a TON of extra projects with you.  I never seem to get to the projects I brought with me in the past.  You receive so much product at this retreat!  Bring photos you want to scrap & use the product you receive when entering a room to complete those projects.
  • Socialize - The crops are a GREAT way to get to know all the attendees!  It's a big party, with music, laughter, tools and fun! And did I mention dancing!!  OH and there was some poetry read in the past as well. You will walk away with LOTS of crop memories :)
  • MW Store - Through out the retreat, MW has a store open.  It carries some awesome products that you can (and some you can not) get from the catalog!  Run out of adhesive?  No problem, they have plenty in store! Lots of shopping can be done.  The store is open during part of the crops to stock up on some needed (and wanted) products!
Do you have any questions about the MemoryWorks Crops?  Let me know

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