05 June 2011

I Dance

Tomorrow is the Spring Dance Recital for Gasper's School of Dance.  I will be dancing in 4 numbers (EEKS!)!  Yes I'm freaking out, I'm excited and my costumes are PRETTY much altered.  Lots of sparkles.  I will be dancing in 2 jazz pieces, hip hop and lyrical.  This is the most numbers I've done in a recital since college.   Should be interesting and I have to remember to just have fun!

These pictures were from a recital in 2007.  We needed to eat afterwards! Long day.  I actually don't think I performed in this recital...just worked in the lobby before and after the show selling dance clothes.
Matt & I @ Buffalo Wild Wings

I'm not sure if I actually danced in this recital.  I have been doing hip hop every year for the last 4 years or so now...so it's possible.

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