16 June 2011

What I'm working on

Even though I'm not at dance every night now that the school year is over.  I seem just as busy! I'm still at the studio almost every night.  Yes, I'm there Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND Thursday.  That is more then the school year.  Between fitness classes and the one jazz class I'm taking - summer evenings are BUSY!

Not only that I've been working on some craft projects!  So here is a sneak peek at what I've been doing!

Build your own Cozies
This is a new concept I've introduced to my Etsy shop!  You can personalize your own cozy!
1. Add a Cozy to the cart (a Build your Coffee Cozy - Cozy Rainbow or Neutral)
2. In the comments section let me know the COLOR you want your cozy!


3. Go back to my shop and add a "Patch"
4. In the comments section, let me know (1) Patch color, (2) Thread Color, and (3) Text

I will then assemble it together for you and mail it out!!  Easy Peasy & you have a CUSTOM cozy that will style your coffee, tea or coco!!
Cute huh?

Sewing Project
The next thing I've been working on isn't complete yet.  I've been working on a sewing project(s). Now if you REALLY know me [mom] - I'm not the GREATEST at sewing.  I'm not lying.  Ask my mom.  She has evidence.  But, I can say that I CAN sew, if I take my time and am patient (I'm not patient).  But this project is turning out pretty well!  I must say.  Here is a sneak of what I'm working on...  FABRIC!

Lots of pretty fabric.  That is all I'm giving away at this point.  Full photos to come next week.  :)  I can sew, I can sew!

Dance Recital
A few weeks ago was Gasper's School of Dance & Performing Arts dance recital.  I danced in 4 numbers (I know I must be crazy!).  Our studio not only host a professional ballet company, but we also have a competition team.  Lots of opportunities for kids (and adults) to perform!  One rule at MOST competitions is that you can't take photos.  So I usually sit, knit & watch dance all day vs. taking photos of our girls.  Well that rule doesn't apply at the recital and since I typically take all the FM Ballet's photos, I wanted to get some shots of the Competition girls.  So here are a few pictures of the competition team during rehearsal.

"Roxanne" Choreographed by Matt Gasper
"Heartburn" Choreographed by Liz Brandenburg

"Catch Me", Choreographed by Matt Gasper

"Catch Me" Choreographed by Matt Gasper  
(He's standing on stage too)


Okay there you have it. This is what has been taking over my life.  :)

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