08 June 2011

I get stuck

I get really excited about projects, I buy all the supplies for something I have in mind and then... I get stuck.  It sits in my craft room untouched for weeks, months and sometimes years, until I finally file it away and label it a lost cause.  HAHA.

Well right now I have that feeling about a Fancy Pants: Brag Book.
I bought Fancy Pants: To the Moon papers and embellishments to use with this album. 
I've got 2 adorable nephews.  And I thought the papers and this book would be perfect for me to journal and document their growth as individuals as well as brothers.  Lucas is 2 years old and Colin is 1 month old as of yesterday.

But now, I'm stuck.  How to I make this book what I want it?  Why am I even freaking out about this?  Do you have moments like this?  Where you are just not sure on projects you have set aside?  Do you ever complete them?

As a kid I would journal nightly or multiple times a day.  I jotted down thoughts, memories, ideas, everything!  As an adult, I've completely LOST this.  Now I blog to share my projects and ideas and bits of my life.  But I don't journal like I did when I was a kid. 


Karenliz Henderson said...

Lacey, I have to the same problem. I love art journals and have started 2 with not much in them. I just bought another one and started watercoloring on the pages for backgrounds. One of them I decided to write down or type stories of my childhood for my daughter. I glue them in and decorate the pages with stamps. What holds me back is that I think there are rules to follow to make an art journal but there are no rules. Just pick one favorite photo of your nephews and just start! Worse comes to worse you can tear out the page and start again!

Shelley said...

Yes, I have a stack of projects. Yes, I get stuck. One of the things that I've realized is that I am a slow crafter. It takes me a longer than I think it should to finish projects. It doesn't help when I'm trying to be perfect, LOL.

lynne moore said...

yes. this happens all the time. great intentions ... then a stall. I have the FP book too. I have 2 great ideas and i put it away for safety...where I can't quite remember....

Lynn said...

Lacey, I have no doubt you will be hit with inspiration and turn this into something amazing. I put things aside all the time and go back to them when an idea comes to me. you will probably get inspired at the retreat...only two weeks away! Yeah!