28 May 2010

Happy Memorial Weekend

YEAH FOR 3-DAY WEEKENDS!!! However, can't figure out what to do! There are MANY tentative plans...but nothing finalized.

I ordered my Donna Downey "She Said" stamps today! I can't WAIT to receive them!!! (see image in previous post). I also went to K&Krafts and got some stuff for a blog post for MemoryWorks that I have coming up on Wednesday.

This weekend I need to finish up my newsletter project, which is turning out pretty darn cute!!! Kind of a little different then I envisioned, but hey that is okay...sometimes projects take on a mind of their own when you are working on them! Here is a sneak peek of what I'm working with.

Oh and I want to share some photos from race weekend! Let me just say - my calves hurt all week... I need to train more next time! I'm hoping to run 2 -3 more races this year and hopefully one in Indiana the weekend of July 4th! We'll see!
Getting ready to run

Me & Ali!

After running - TIRED! I seriously fell asleep at 9pm

On another note...
If you are looking for a great workout this summer, but don't want to spend a lot of time at the gym... check out my trainer's (Monty Moran) Tabata classes! They are a 1/2 hour long workout that will kick your butt into shape! Also, no gym membership fee is required (now that is awesome!!) Contact him for more information. Feel free to join in at anytime this summer... I say the sooner the better though!

If you have a child(ren) and are looking at keeping them active this summer or building their strength & endurance for sports, check out Monty's youth classes. They take place 3 days a week for one hour! The workouts are geared toward kids ages 8 - 12! It's never too late (or early) to teach your child a healthy lifestyle (both in fitness & nutrition). Let Monty help you put your child on the right path!

Oh and did you see the SUPER DEAL!!! If you sign-up for a 4-week session you are saving $80!! So even if you have to miss a few sessions - this is a GREAT DEAL!

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