01 May 2010

I bought some new towels yesterday and the theme of our bathroom is kind of yellow & gray. We have a gray shower curtain and yellow baskets things to hold stuff in them. So I thought yellow & gray towels would be perfect (and it's my FAVORITE color combo right now). Anyway - I want to add some photos to the wall. I turned some of our Punta Cana vacation photos into black & white and some to yellow. I'm going to print a few and see what I really want to have hanging out our walls. There will be 4 photos total and I plan on hanging them in a straight row. I hope it turns out good. I am trying to make our apartment, like a home (one room at a time). So what do you think?
I may also go the distressed / aged photo look. So I'll print some pictures out like that too. :) We'll see I guess what I like best.

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