21 June 2010


So Matt & I had a completely different weekend planned out. WE thought we were going to the lakes, cleaning the apt, and going golfing. I did NONE of these things. Matt actually went to the lakes though on Sunday for a few hours.

Instead, the Gasper's School of Dance costume room TOOK over my weekend!! Liisa (one of the ballet teachers) started the project on Wednesday evening. She spent 4-8+ each day since Wednesday on it. Starting Friday evening I joined in and started taking the photos of each item. Saturday was more photos and starting to organize into boxes and Space Saver Bags (which are AWESOME!!!) and Sunday was another day of madness (by 8 or 9pm I think we were getting a little loopy.

Here are some photos from the weekend.
You are just seeing a GLIMPSE of what our big studio looked like.

The Silver Rocket Character Shoes set out to air out!
My Favorite of Matt - Seriously I laugh at this pic every time I see it. He was having fun playing with the hats & wigs. I uploaded the photos at about 11pm last night and we were cracking up for like 10 minutes at this photo.

And of course I had to get in on the action as well. This "Mermaid" dress caught my eye pretty early on. I told Matt next year we should do a "Little Mermaid" Ballet and I'll be Ariel. :) Next time I put this dress on though I will not wear shorts & a sports shirt underneath.

That was our FUN weekend. We got a lot done, but more work still to come. Including labeling boxes, re-creating the inventory book and of course the dreaded accessories.

Thanks for a fun weekend Liisa, Matt & Anna!!

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