07 June 2010

Perfect Puppy

Memorial Weekend Matt & I went to the pet store... just because we like to go there and look at the puppies. WELL, they had some pugs (I ADORE pugs!) I just couldn't resist, I saw them instantly and there was one who was calm and just sitting there so sweetly, I HAD to hold it! So I asked the girl, cleaned my hands with the hand sanitizer and awaited the puppy!

It is a boy and he was perfect. He cuddled into my arms and snorted... I fell in love. The girl then asked if we wanted to play with him in the puppy play area. UM YES!!! So we brought him over to this little play area and set him down, he was so timid at first. I was squatting down and he would run around my legs, he untied Matt's shoe & he was so freaking adorable. Impulse was to buy him...but we had to figure out if we could have dogs in our apt.

About 30 minutes later when we got home, we discovered our building is one of the buildings you cannot have dogs in on the complex. I cried for an hour. In the car on the way home we named the puppy (Jazz Scoop Gasper)... There is a story behind the name "scoop" and Jazz was just the perfect name for this little guy.

So long story short, I have no puppy yet, it made me sad and I probably should have NEVER held him. Because he's the absolutely PERFECT little chubby pug!

Just because something seems so perfect, the timing may not be. Unfortunately.

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Christina said...

You can come & play with my pugs whenever you want! When the time is right, you should check with your local Pug rescue group! DON'T support nasty puppy mills or backyard breeders! If you have to have a pup with papers, check with your local AKC pug club chapter to get a list of respectable breeders!