09 June 2010

My Etsy Obsession

I love looking at things on Etsy and finding inspiration. The colors in artwork, the creativity in pieces and the workmanship of the artists! It is very inspiring and makes me want to create! I love the items too and wish I could buy EVERYTHING!! Endless budget, I'm waiting for you!

Usually I just click on the images that are featured that day or I sit and look at the NEW items being added at the bottom of the Etsy screen. It is so fun to explore and so many great things out there.

Here are somethings that have inspired me today.
Bagatelles And Co's (Don't you just ADORE this bag!! Well and the shoes, but those aren't for sale).

mkendall's: There are some great prints in this shop. I actually saved a few prints yesterday that I enjoyed. Love them!! And very inspirational! I would love some for my Scrapbook room, living room or bedroom. I ADORE! And love this print below :)

Sophiapip's: This bracelet is stunning! What a piece of art.
Pattyabaker's: I love the colors in this print, the bright yellows and oranges! So lovely!

If you couldn't tell, I'm obsessed with yellows right now. Of all shades. Actually I'm even wearing a yellow top today. It just makes me smile and happy!

Check out my Etsy page for some Awesome coffee cozies! They are a GREAT accessory to any hot coffee shop drink!

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