16 June 2010

To my Dad

To my dad...
Thank you for being the most AMAZING dad in the world. Thank you for your support. Thank you for your endless love. Thanks for your humor. And I love that we both LOVE ice cream (and dessert). Thanks for pushing me in new directions and encouraging me that I can do it. Thanks for always believing in me. Thanks for trying to ease my pain. Thanks for your hard work (I definitely work hard and am driven because of you).

Story... as kids my dad would stay home when my mom went out to do her various evening activities (volleyball, ceramics, etc). My brother & I were used to staying home with mom and dad being at work, so sometimes it was hard to see mom go. But my dad would dress up as "mom". He would put on a robe and stuff it with pillows and talk in a girly voice. (I'm giggling just thinking about it). It would make us laugh.

He would also become a "robot" and in a monotone voice say "I am a robot, I'm out to catch & tickle kids" (or something like that). He would be in robot form and we would run all over the house and he would tickle us (till we said we were going to pee). HAHA.

As we got older (and didn't fall for the robot tricks anymore). We would have NERF fights in the house. Everyone got a weapon and we would shoot each other. Now my mom never let us play NERF fights in the main part of the house... usually just the basement. Oh no, not Dad, the whole house was the playing field. The only way we got caught by Mom was if we lost one of the NERF balls or darts or arrows and my mom would later find it by the couch or in a basket or wreath. OOPS...

So Dad, thanks for being so amazing and creating so many memories with me (and Chad). There are so many more stories I could tell and many more to come!

I LOVE YOU! Happy Father's day.

You are also an AMAZING G-Pa

Oh and yes, you are getting the card above... surprise!

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