11 July 2010

GSDPA - Fall Brochure

FINALLY!! It's done. The fall brochure for Gasper's School of Dance. I love designing their marketing items and this one was no different. As a designer I sometimes get in a rut. And the cover for this brochure, definitely put me in a rut! My original plan just didn't work out the way I wanted it too, but I'm soooo thankful it didn't, because I believe the new cover is 100 times better!!

This year I went with a Pink brochure with vibrant colored photos inside. I was able to put a lot of information in this years brochure as well!

So here is a sneak peek. Just the cover. Later this week I'll post the entire brochure!
The photo has a water brush effect to it and a gradient into the brochure color :)

Picking the color (which looks slightly different then this in the actual brochure) was the tough part. I knew I wanted to go pink this year, but deciding on a pink was tough. Anyway, I'm happy how it has turned out!

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