14 July 2010

I'm making WHOOPIE!!

So there is this blog called Bakerella and it is SERIOUSLY awesome. Everything on there looks so mouth water and SEEMS like a lot of fun to make. Now if you personally know me, I'm not much of a cook OR baker. For Matt's birthday a few years ago I made him a box cake. And screwed it up. I know how can you screw up a box cake?!? You forget to add water. The cake was like a brick. So okay cooking / baking is not my forte.

Bakerella though makes me WANT to be a baker! So a recent blog post they put up was "Whoopie Pies". Did you know there are BOOKS out there on just making Whoopie Pies?!? I didn't, but then again - I'm no baker!

So here is what I'm going to attempt to make
The great thing about Bakerella is that they share how to and recipes! LOVE IT! They also share cake pops, mini cupcakes and more! I'll let you know how my Whoopie experience goes.

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