09 July 2010

Inspiration Journal

So I've been thinking of starting an inspiration journal. Does anyone out there have one? Have you ever thought of starting one?

I think this is something I will start doing. If I need to get my creativity juices flowing or need to express myself or let out my feelings on paper.

I've been doing a little research and here are a few that I think are GREAT!!
Donna Downey
Here is a post from 2009
Inspiration Wednesday
Here is an example of one of her pages:

The Next Page

Dianne Forrest - she has a collection of different ones on her blog


Okay those are some ideas I have found. Obviously, my journal would be tailored to me and my personality. I actually think I did something like this when I was younger and incorporated poetry I wrote.

So who's on board? I don't plan on doing this on a regular basis, but when I feel the need to jot down ideas, feelings, etc. :)

If you have created one before or are in the process, please share with me by posting a link. I'd love to see what you have created!!

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