18 July 2010

Trying to be DOMESTIC

So today is the day - I'm making WHOOPIE!!! Found the recipe on Bakerella.com and wanted to try it for myself. Okay here is the thing. I haven't baked from scratch in, well probably since early college / high school (sad I know).

I had all my ingredients set out, the oven preheated and I was ready to go. This was all a surprise for Matt, he sat in the living room doing his homework, while I baked!!

Now the process started and I realized, I need to invest in an apron - I get stuff EVERYWHERE. Things were going well though. I was reading the directions, putting in the CORRECT amount of everything I needed and I was flying!

THEN! I was scraping the side of the bowl and my spatula got caught in the HAND mixer and so did my fingers. TG it wasnt' going super fast, but the spatula flew across the floor batter got EVERYWHERE and I was crying. Matt to the rescue. He turned the mixer off, stuck my hand under cold water and started cleaning up the batter around the entire kitchen (including spots that got in the hallway and on my laptop.

He finally asked "Can I ask you now what you are making me?" So I did, because he had to "supervise" me for the rest of the process (had to use the hand mixer again). The rest went fine. The cookie part is in the oven (as I type this, the last batch is baking). That part is actually really good :) Of course we ate one cookie / cake half.

So 2 bruised fingers later and 15 whoopie pies... I got through my FIRST baking experience (from scratch) in 10 years. It may be another 10 years till the next one.

Oh and the pictures on the bakerella site are 10xs better then mine and their whoopies look cute! mine look weird.

The aftermath of the mixer
After being baked - they look like hamburgers
Finished with the filling (Salty Peanut butter)
AND my fingers you can see toward the right of my pointer and left lower portion of my thumb it is read...it is now bruised and red.

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