23 February 2008

Ball of yarn

My mom sent me legwarmers she knitted. I got them yesterday. They are SUPER cute - i'll post pictures soon. I need to run to the yarn store to get some pink yarn - not sure why i'm addicted to PINK yarn but I am. I am going to make PINK legwarmers. Ooo i can't wait. I think i have a legwarmer addiction. But it's something I can knit that i actually need lots of pairs of (because of dancing). I need to figure out some NEW knitting projects. HAHA. That only take 1 ball of yarn. Must find book.

My friend Kate is in town - so I hung out with the girls last night and we are going out again today & tonight. We are going to go see Juno this afternoon. And probably shopping (yes!). I love hanging with the girls and realize I seriously don't do it enough!!

Lunch time!

OH PS - I'm a PINK PAISLEE addict and they have this AWESOME - FREAKING AWESOME COMMUNITY!!!! Check it out - Live Pink


Lu said...

No reason not to love pink, so that's probably why you do so much! :-)
Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for my RAK. Love it all. THANKS!

leah said...

That's funny Lacey. I've hated pink for most of my life, and just recently have been using it a lot. It seems to be popping up everywhere. And tag! You're it! Check my blog for details. :)